Obtained PEFC ※1CoC※2certification

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Obtained PEFC ※1CoC※2certification

Obtained PEFC ※1CoC※2certification

A&M Industry Vietnam Co.,Ltd.(President & CEO: Toru Komatsu) is pleased to announce that

A&M Industry Vietnam Co.,Ltd obtained the CoC※2(Chain of Custody) certification for the internationally

recognized forest certification system ※3, PEFC※1on November 27, 2023,.

※1 PEFC(Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is a certification program that mutually recognaizes forest certification systems from various countries worldwide.

※2 CoC(Chain of Custody) certification is a certification that verfies a facility as a proper processing and disutribution point for forest-derived resources sourced from certified forests.

※3 Forest certification systems are established to promote the sustainable utilization and conservation of forest resources.